Drawing is an act of commitment and of laying bare one’s soul, yet perhaps should be kept as routine as a simple daily walk in fresh air.” ~Karen Gillis Taylor

Note from the artist: I’ve never been more proud to present a drawing to a client. The subject was of my client’s employee who passed away very suddenly at the age of 50. The picture I was given to draw is also displayed on her gravestone. He presented the framed and matted 14×17 drawing to her family as a Christmas gift. Thank you, Mr. Quigley for giving me the honor of drawing this special lady and for sharing the family’s reaction when they saw the drawing for the first time. This is why I love to draw!

“When the family saw the drawing, they were taken aback and in shock at how beautiful the drawing was and how detailed and life-like it looked. I wish you were there to enjoy the moment.”
– Kenny Quigley – Stillwater, OK

Brenda drawing a portrait

“I had the pleasure of commissioning Brenda to draw a portrait of my wife as my gift to her for Christmas. I gave her two 4 x 6 photos to work from. When I saw the completed drawing for the first time, I was speechless. She did an exceptional job and captured the exact features and character of my wife. As a result, she absolutely loved the drawing and said it was the best gift I had ever given her. Brenda is a very talented artist and I highly recommend her work to anyone wanting a special gift that will last forever.”
– Heath Barnes, Houston, TX

“The most wonderful Mother’s Day gift I have ever received! I opened my eyes to find my two children by my bed, holding large picture frames (backwards) and saying “Happy Mother’s Day.” They turned the frames around and I was speechless, which is very rare. After fighting back the lump in my throat, I was able to totally grasp what I was looking at. These portraits, which are so life-like they are almost like photographs, were the perfect image of my beautiful children. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect gift. They were both captured at a wonderful time in their lives, with smooth skin and sparkling eyes. I cannot walk past the wall where they hang now without pausing, smiling and feeling like they are with me at that moment. They are almost looking back at me. I will treasure this beautiful gift forever.”
– Carla Cantrell – Houston, TX

“The drawings that Brenda sketched of our children were beyond what we imagine. They were absolutely beautiful. Brenda captured the inner beauty in everyone of our children. You can see their true personality through her work. The most amazing part of the drawings are when you look into their eyes, you feel they are right there with you. We are so pleased and feel so blessed to have been able to have Brenda create such a beautiful piece of work that will be with us forever.”
-Tricia and Ed Britt

“I wanted to find someone to draw a picture of my daughter, Sue Ellen, for a Christmas present for my wife, Brooke. I came upon Brenda’s website and knew instantly she was the one that needed to do the piece. Communication with Brenda was fast, easy, and a delight. I had no idea what to expect, but she sent me a draft about half way through completion. When I opened the draft in the email, I was star struck at Sue Ellen’s face. It was as if the Hand of God was controlling the pencil. I was so excited and overjoyed with the piece and it was only half finished. A few weeks later the finished piece arrived at my doorstep carefully packaged by Brenda. I had the piece framed just as Brenda had recommended and Christmas could not get here soon enough. I hung the picture on the wall on Christmas Eve for Brooke to unveil. She immediately started to cry when she saw Sue Ellen’s face. We showed the picture to Sue Ellen and she immediately recognized herself. This was by far the best gift I could have gotten our family. It is a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. I can’t wait to get Brenda to do the next drawing for Baby #2, due August 14, 2015.”
– Jerry Clark, Dothan, AL